This Christmas is a special Christmas for me as it’s my first one since graduating university. For those of you aren’t aware, studying a joint honours degree can lead to a big build up of coursework towards the Christmas period. As I was a joint honours student, my festive period was spent in the library aggressively typing until the early hours of the morning. I initially planned to get over this festive PTSD by being as much of a little elf as humanly possible, but in reality not everyone is in such a rush to deck the halls with boughs of holly - which calls for a more subtle approach to Christmas.
My friends and I planned a stroll around London which is where the inspiration for this outfit came from. I knew that if I turned up dressed like Santa's little helper then my friends would disown me. Because of this, I opted for a more subtle festive attire. The blue jeans and jacket are a staple of my wardrobe year round so they aren't very festive, but the red jumper was chosen to reflect my inner Santa clause.

There was no meaning behind the trainers, I just liked them and the have red and blue to match the outfit. Now I know what you're thinking 'white trainers in winter? This kid is crazy!'. And to that I have two words for you; Crep Protect. I would call crep protect a life saver but that would be an understatement.

And as a bonus tip - Although it's standard to wear a t-shirt under-neigh a jumper, when heading to outdoor events like winter wonderland in England's freezing climate, wear a long sleeve tee under your jumper instead. It adds that little extra bit of warmth and if you get a large crew neck one, you won't be able to see it (like in these photos!).

Just as a disclaimer: the red jumper and long sleeve tee were sent to me by Boohoo Man for styling, but this had no influence over the post or my very high opinions of Boohoo Man. 

Tell me how festive you are in the comments bellow! Personally, I am one of those people who has had their room decorated since November.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your festive period!