We all have places to be and in doing so, it can be easy to overlook the things that get us there - our cars. I use to drive from London to Kent everyday for university so I know how much of a difference regular car maintenance has on how your car runs. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain some basic things you can do to take care of your car and keep it moving.

I use what I call the TOE method. Tyres, Oil and Engine coolant.

Ensuring that your tyres are correctly inflated can not only affect how your car drives, but also how regularly you have to change your tyres (which can be expensive!). When I brought my mini second hand, I asked the owner how often he checked the tyre pressure and alarm bells started ringing when he asked me what that was. Run-flat tyres tend not to lose air like regular tyres do so they weren’t under inflated; but his lack of care for his tyres was why I was not surprised to see that all four tyres had massive bulges on them and would need replacing. Fortunately, I managed to knock that off of the asking price; but the message here is to look down at your tyres every now and again. Also, that you need to check your tyres are correctly inflated by referring to the sticker on the inside of your door arch to prevent undue wear.

Oil Level
Oil is like the blood of an engine, without it everything grinds to a holt; literally.
My mini use to drink oil so much that I called it an oiloholic. Every other week I would be in Halfords buying more oil for it. Apparently this was a common fault in that model mini but that’s beside the point. Had I not been regularly checking the oil level, I would not have seen that it was so low and needed topping up. The oil light never came on so it was a good thing I was compulsively checking the oil otherwise the engine would have completely seized up. Moral of the story is not to trust your cars warning lights and to check the oil yourself. 

Engine Coolant
As much as I wanted to think of a funny analogy for Engine Coolant, I can’t because it does such a unique job by carrying the heat from the engine. Without this, parts will start to malfunction and even melt. As scary as that sounds, just keep it topped up above the minimum level and all should be fine.

Now it’s time for a service
A service can have a massive impact on how your car drives. When I first got my Volvo C30 (the car in the picture), I thought it was the smoothest car I had ever driven. The service history has more gaps in it then my GCSE maths exam did but I thought it drove fine so I didn’t mind. That was until I took it for a service… 
The mechanic said that things were clogged and broken but he would sort it out as we were friends. What a difference the service made! The car was faster, sounded better and the steering was so much lighter! It was truly one for the history books. 
I fear that if the mechanic was not a friend of mine then it would have been much worst (/ expensive). Top tip, make sure your mechanic keeps up to date with stamping your service history book as that can be a pain to chase up.

This is the part of owning a car that we all dread. The feeling of passing it is like when I got my results that I was graduating (yay me). I didn’t care about the feedback of my assignments, only that I was graduating. That feedback is how some people treat advisories from MOTs, but I am here to tell you not to ignore them. An advisory is a heads up of a potential problem which is always good to fix before they develop.
It can be hard trying to find a place to MOT your car, having to cycle through all of the Google Reviews ect. Ossett Tyre House is a reliable option to book your MOT in Dewsbury.

I bet you are surprised with how simple those maintenance tips are. Just remember, next time you take a road trip, check your TOEs!

Mario El

*This post was a paid collaboration however all ideas and opinions are my own