Tried and Tested #1 - Uni-sex Clear Mascara Review

Welcome to this weeks instalment of Tried and Tested where I test out random products and let you know if they are worth your hard-earned money. This week's post is on Clear Mascara.

Make-up isn't something that would normally catch my interest, however, this Clear Mascara did. During the bank holiday sales, I was compulsively adding everything on Boohoo man to my basket where I saw clear mascara for only £2. The description was a little muddled but some Googling revealed that clear mascara is meant to define your lashes and this specific one conditions them as well. What a product for only £2 right?

I was excited for my Boohoo delivery as I work in sales and if I can shamelessly batter my big long lashes to get a sale, I will. This, however, did not happen. Instead of defining my lashes it clumped them together. It did make them look thicker however that was down to it sticking 3 lashes together. At first, there was a Placebo effect but even that was not enough to hide that this product doesn't do much. There was a bit of lift but I thought of it like scaffolding with the lashes supporting each other up in their clumps. Regarding it being conditioning? How often do we ponder the softness of our eyelashes? If anything, it made them feel a bit rough as there is product on them.

So is this product worth your £2? It doesn’t do anything dramatic, if at all; but I am not angry at it. It was £2 and fun to use so it's fine. If your child keeps stealing your make-up then you give them this to appease them. There is always the possibility that I was using it wrong and it is in fact be the best product in the world, but that's doubtful. Maybe it's just a bad example of clear mascara?

Have you ever used clear mascara? Does it actually work? Are there any other invisible make-up products? Comment below!

Catch you next week,
Mario El 

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