Being an avid car guy, my reaction to seeing the Fast live promo was one similar to those children on the ‘we’re going to Disney land’ adverts. My expectations were high as the trailer promised plenty of explosions and drifting but as you find with some films; the trailer and end product were two very different things.

The show had a promising start showcasing cars from each film whilst playing audio snippets in the background. It felt special as I've been invested in this franchise from young; almost like someone had lined up your favourite memories on a foggy stage. After the showcase we were greeted by the host ‘Sophia’. If you ever played a street racing games then she would seem familiar. Although Sophia was not based on any character, she was instantly recognisable as that one (un-named) badass female racer with the sexy clothes and strong personality. As much as I don’t want to give the goodies away this early in the review, she was the best part of the show. She played her character flawlessly and kept the audience engaged through-out.

As we got further into the show it became clear that my expectations were set too high. The best way to describe Fast live is Disney on ice for cars because put simply; it was cars theatrically driving in circles. The performers rein-acted scenes from past films using amazing staging, physical props and a mind-blowing projector. The projector made the surroundings a giant green screen, projecting locations from the films. Fortunately for me, my seat was ideally located in-front of the stage so I was engrossed in the action (well... the circles). When you look past the projector and realise the performance is the same choreography rehashed onto different backgrounds; it all seems a let down. Much like the films, it was a good guy vs bad guy scenario but in this case, they were driving in circles with the occasional tank or submarine thrown in.

Most disapointing of all were the tyres. When you think of car chases you think smoke but the tyres used were custom made to not produce any. It made sense using these as we were in an inclosed environment however it really took away from the excitement. It reinstated my Disney on ice comparison as the cars were just sliding around the stage.

As brilliant as the staging and performers were, the show was a let down. I imagine kids would have been blown away however as an adult who has grown up watching the franchise, I expected something more exciting.

Here are some shots for the night.
Before judging the quality of the photos, keep in mind that these were taken on a phone and the cars were going very fast in circles.

Keep revving those engines,
Mario El :)

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