Setapp review - How it's revolutionised my Mac

It's often a struggle to balance applications with their monthly subscription costs. I often encounter this dilemma because I am a student who works on a lot of projects outside of university. I've tried skimming back on subscriptions but that left me feeling like I no longer had the tools to finish the job. But, after finding Setapp, this is no longer a problem as it gives me the applications I need at a fraction of the price. Setapp provides a library applications, and these are not diluted versions of the (for example) £50 'pro' version; they are the full, powerful, apps. The apps are on the Mac app store but by using Setapp, it eliminated the need to buy them individually.

I wanted to cancel my Adobe creative cloud subscription because I didn't use it enough to justify the price. The only thing that stopped me was not being able to find a reliable alternative. After installing Setapp, I found a great photo editing app called Polarr which could replace lightroom. Even though this was not my intention when installing Setapp, I was finally able to cancel my Adobe subscription. This is what I love about Setapp, it has an app for everything. It's not just for creatives neither. Aside from helping with my university studies, there are apps for managing your finances, coding, staying focused and many more.
I can't believe I am about to quote Apple but if Setapp had a Slogan, I'm sure it would be -
'There's an app for that'.

This is the landing page once you open Setapp

I found Setapp through Technobuffalodeals; a site I use religiously to find deals on courses and software. They are offering a 60 day free trial for Setapp, and after that it's £10 a month, or £5 a month for students.

This is where you cycle through the apps; and they are conveniently categorised too.

I know this has been a glowing review but to me, it's one of those 'it's too good to be true' services. It's the Swiss army knife of applications and has revolutionised how I use my mac. I'm still in awe that I have access to all these apps under this one subscription.

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Excuse me whilst I go discover a new app,
Mario El :p

What apps can’t you live without? Are you considering changing your workflow? Are there any subscriptions you’ve thought of cancelling? 
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FYI - This is NOT a sponsored post, I just love Setapp and want to share it with the world.

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