As a bald man, having a good razor is essential. I’m always on the hunt for that dream razor so when I saw the Grüum advert on Twitter I got curious. I’ve been thinking of replacing my Gillette razor so Grüum's interesting design and subscription blade service convinced me order it. Here’s what I thought.

When you pick up the razor you appreciate how chunky it feels in the hand; like you can get a good grip to slay some serious beard. The razor was great for shaving my beard, slid across my throat, but when it got to shaving my head the chunky handle became a hindrance. As any bald man knows, you have to shave behind the ears; and it got to the point where the handle was preventing me from doing so. It’s so thick that it kept catching on my ears meaning I had to use some force to get those hard to reach hairs.

Out of the postage envelope; it comes in this bag which contains the razor, blades and some paperwork
Part of the subscription is getting blades each month and they are outstanding. I hadn’t shaved my head in a week out of anticipation of trying Grüum so my hair was longer then it would normally be for shaving. The blades cut through my hair like it was butter. Honestly, I can’t fault the blades; they are extremely sharp providing a snag free and close shave.

All in all it’s a solid service. It doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table but the razor looks great and the blades alone are worth the price. Even though I will be going back to Gillette, I would highly recommend Grüum as I can see many guys being happy with it. 

Keep everything trimmed,
Mario El :p

This is not a sponsored post, I paid for the razor myself - all opinions are my own.
This was the testing pack so other subscriptions may vary.

Ps - I used the LQD shaving cream and after shave ‘calm’ which made the experience even better - review post coming soon.