When you put as many miles on a car as I have, things like checking the oil level become second nature; however for people who don’t often drive long distances, checking your car doesn’t occur as naturally to them.

After hopping into my friends car whilst she drove to Kent, I quickly realised how unprepared she and her car were for the hour and a bit journey. I was explaining how she could have better prepared her car prior the journey and why “Oh look, the petrol light just came on” isn’t what you want to hear in half way to Kent when I realised that she mustn't be the only person who does this.

I felt a bit self-righteous making this list but I want you guys to be as safe as you can out there. It includes you, your car, reminders about the motorway and it’s free to download!


If you have questions about how to do any of the things on the list, you can email me at metaphoricallyme@outlook.com.

Drive safe,

Mario El :p