Tips for your first time at a car event

As cliche as it is, my brother, father and I have been going to car events since we were kids. I’ve started to bring my fiends along and have found myself warning them of certain things that happen at car events which do not happen elsewhere; so I wanted to write this post sharing those tips with you.

- Wear comfy clothes + take removable layers
People are far too busy staring at cars to notice what you’re wearing so if you did want to sneakily slip on those running trainers, no one is going to judge you.
Do plan your outfit ahead of time as car events are usually in the middle of nowhere (as they produce so much noise) meaning you’ll be hit by a lot of wind. This wind has been known to turn even the sunniest days chilly on the willy - so take removable layers like hoodies just incase.
I’d also recommend a comfy pair trainers as these events can get muddy, plus you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

- Cover your self from the sun (even when it isn’t immediately sunny).
I hate to sound like a bad romance song but I’ve been burnt too many times. For some reason the sun is particularly strong car events so be sure to take sunglasses, caps and sunblock. Don’t be fooled by the over cast day, the sun will still get you - I’ve leant that the hard way.

- NEVER, I repeat, NEVER touch another mans car.
Even though these cars are on display does not mean it’s ok to touch them. People invest heavily in these cars, often bringing them to events on a trailer because they’re so precious. It’s worth noting that it’s usually testosterone fuelled men at these events so touching their cars may end in catastrophe. 

- Keep your eyes forward as people will stop left right and centre to take photos
There will be a lot of sstunning cars so it very common for people to be like ‘oh, I’m gonna get a snap of that’. These events get very congested so be sure to watch out for people stopping in front of you to take photos.
Also, try not to get in the way of anyone’s photos and they’ll extend you the same courtesy.

- Ear protectors are a good idea because some cars are ludicrously loud.
I wouldn’t recommend taking small children to these events but if you do, please make sure their ears are protected. Earphones are sold everywhere at these events.

I realise this doesn't exactly paint car events in a great picture but they really are great fun.
If you love cars, especially specifics, then venues at Santa Pod often do those types of events like 'Jap' days.

If you do go to any, tweet me some pics because I’d love to see them.  

Vroom vroom,

Mario El