Disclaimer - This service was sent to me for review but all opinions are my own

Secret scent box is a monthly subscription in which every month you're sent 3 mini aftershaves. For me (a man who hasn’t left the house scentless since 2010) this is ideal. The aftershaves are selected and change every month so it's a chance to try something new; also for me to finally stray from my natural scent of 'Huge Boss hugo'.

I was surprised when I received the package because I had no idea it actually arrived. I was expecting a knock on the door or a ‘sorry we missed you’ note but instead, it just came through the letter box. This means that you'd always get the package (yay).

With monthly subscriptions like this, there's always the concern of whether the products will actually last the month. My after shave usage is a few sprays a day and honestly, I can see these lasting the month - even slightly longer. 

One of my friends joked that the aftershaves suited me because they're mini and I'm a mini-man; but either way I'd recommend this service. It's effortless, only £15 a month and they do one for women too.

If you are interested, use ‘METAPHORICALLYME15’ for a 15% discount on your first month’s box.

Spray away,

Mario El :P