Disclaimer - This post was written in collaboration with Badger ales but all opinions are my own.

I don’t mean to stereotype but as a man, wanting a man cave is engraved in my DNA. I was strolling through my inbox and I saw this rugby themed shed from Badger Ale which made me think back to my younger self when my brother and I wanted a man cave. We wanted one so badly that we planned me moving into his room and turning mine into a man cave. Thankfully our parents refused as us sharing a room would have been messy; regardless, I still want a man cave and this post is about how I’d have mine.

I don’t envision my man cave having the typical black leather recliner with an overpowering gaming system; instead, I’d take a more blogger approach. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest and Ikea, it would be minimal - Instagrammabe. The colour pallet would be pale with an industrial feel to let the light flood in (perfect for pictures). Unconventionally comfortable is how I’d describe it, much like they had in men’s London fashion week (picture bellow). Exposed concrete, rustic metal and alcohol on display.

I don’t much enjoy down time so instead of my cave being a cinema room, it would be more like an office. I’ve recently fallen into the herd becoming an apple sheep therefore a 27” imac with 2 displays either side is a must. Attempting to add some life to my cave, there would be two plants either side of my desk - fake of course, I can barely take care of myself never mind a plant.

The sofa and desk chair would have to match otherwise the Instagram police would come for my head. I’m feeling the look of the LÅNGFJÄLL and before you ask, yes, I was looking for an excuse to bring up ikea (any excuse to go ikea).

Curious about my friends, I asked how they’d have their man caves. One said the complete opposite to mine having the room in darkness for his gaming system. The other described a much more homely room; cabin by the lake style.

How would you have your man cave? Comment below!

Build your dreams,

Mario El :p