I recently done my first outfit shoot with my blogging buddie Kat Last and was shocked at how well the photos came out. I was shocked because us introverts are notoriously bad at doing things that draw attention to ourselves like posing. I know that had I been left to my own accord I would have completely screwed it up, so I wanted to write this post to help my fellow introverts.

- Have a photographer who knows what they are doing
I was fortunate enough to have someone who not only knew every corner of Canterbury, but also knew how to direct me. If I'm being honest I didn't know what I was getting myself in for - 'Look over here', 'let's go to this backroad', 'Sit on that step’. But had I not had this direction, as I said before, I would have completely screwed it up.

- When posing, think of something to make you laugh
It's tempting to act serious when posing for outfit shoots but often, the photos where you show emotion are the best ones. It's probably personal preference but I like more lively photos; I guess that's why I'm not a fashion blogger... That and my lack of fashion sense 🙈

- Don’t think about posing 
When you over think a pose you're becoming aware that you're posing - enter the introverted thoughts of everyone staring at you. When I find myself over thinking something, I just derail that train of thought and find some new tracks.
'oh, is that a bird?', 'Can the photographer tell that I'm thinking of big mac I ate last night?'.

- Avoid these poses
There are a few poses that I've blacklisted.
They might work for you but they're a massive pet peeve for me; yet I still ended up doing them...

'I'm pregnant' 

'I'm vulnerable'

'Dora the explorer'

'I'm too cool to be sitting on this step'

'I’m a clueless baldie'

'I'm pregnant again'

Have fun snapping away guys,
Never let your intovertedness hold you back!

If you have any tips for us introverts, comment bellow!

Always remember to stand up straight,
Mario El :p