Working as an estate agent

I feel that estate agents get a quite bad wrap for seemingly, being dodgy; and I think that’s because people don’t understand what it’s like being one. I wanted to write this post describing the struggles and perks of being an estate agent, whilst reassuring you that we are not in any way dodgy.

There is a lot of socialising involved, which, when you’re as uncharismatic as me, isn’t great. I feel that there are 2 types of estate agents; the ones that will become your best friends, and the ones who just want to get stuff done (me). This is very apparent when people come in and start talking football banter. I like football but not enough to *cough cough* get a team's logo tattooed onto my head. It gets to the point where I just nod along to the conversation, sometimes I nod to the wrong parts (oops!).

But then you get what I like to call the ‘begs’. The ones who (because you’ve made them your best friend) come in for a chat. Again, don’t get me wrong, working in a small town I’m use to not being able to get lunch without stopping and talking to everyone on the way, but the ones who go out of their way to come into the office and chat are a bit, you know… I love a good gossip as much as the next guy but I’m there to make money and when I’m talking to the begs, I’m not doing my job, so not making money. Is that a form of cockblocking?

Dealing with angry (misdirected) calls is fun. There was a GIF on Facebook about when someone tells a millennial that they’re short staffed and the millennial replies ‘it’s ok’, but then when they say it to a 40 year old they throw stuff across the room - that could not be more true. The amount of times that I’ve heard ‘well, do you not want my custom?!’ from the older generation is unbelievable. Like if you’re going to be a rude, no, go to the estate agents down the street.

The running around is fun. I know that sounds weird but I love to drive, to explore new areas and most importantly - have a nosey around people’s house, so always being in and out of the office is a dream for me. I don’t think I could do a job where I would just sit at a desk all day.

This is going to sound a bit soppy but I love it when the deal is complete and you get to give the customer their keys. Recently there was a couple expecting a baby, and they were so excited to start this new chapter in their lives. It felt great to be a part of that. And to get a nice commission... 

To sum in a nut shell, it’s really just another retail job but with a bad stereotype.
We want to make the sale as much as you want rid of your house.

Thanks for reading,

Mario El :p