You may have noticed that I recently took a razor to my head. If you follow me on twitter then you'd definitely know as I took the 'if Mario shaved his head but didn't tweet about it, did he really shave his head?' approach. Admittedly, it's a really good summer look as I'm sporting a beard as well, but there are a few lifestyle changes I've had to adopt - especially in this sunny weather.
Look at that beauty of a head!

Photo taken by @kat_last

First is to always have a clean shaven head. When it was colder you could get away with letting your hair grow out to say beard length, but when it's sunny and you try that; it's suntan lines galore boy!
Speaking of suntan lines, watch out for your sunglasses. Those suntan liens will divide your head into two sections.

Always wear suntan lotion your head. My dad (a fellow baldy) told me that I must wear suntan lotion on my head. Me being me, I forgot and went out in the full English sun (it was surprisingly strong) - safe to say I had a red head after. Looked like the angry emoji.

Consider investing in a cap. If your particularly pale, say glass of milk pale, I'd strongly recommend a cap over sunblock. I've known a few friends who have gone full blown tomato because they're skin just couldn't hack it. I'll admit that caps aren't for everyone, I have an adorably round head so a cap just doesn't look good.

Few top tips:
-Don't forget to shave behind the ears.
-Moisturize your head.
-NEVER put suntan lotion on just after you shave. It's almost as painful as that scene in the inbetweeners where Jay put aftershave on his you know what.

Enjoy the sun guys,

Mario El