Whenever I go out with my lady friends, a common complaint is that their cleavage was ogled over by intoxicated males. Obviously, as a male, I understand where they're coming from, but can't completely empathize as I don't have cleavage for guys to ogle over.
This was until the other day when I realized that the ogling feeling goes both ways.

I volunteer a lot at uni and that weeks project was a networking event. We were all given branded t-shirts and to everyone's despair, they were V-necks. I didn't think anything of it until I put it on and realized that a my chest was showing. I felt a little mischievous when I looked in the mirror and saw my chest hair because it's not a feature that I would normally try and emphasize. Anyway, after a while of admiring my reflection, I left for the event.

When I arrived, my colleagues started looking down at me. Don't get me wrong, they have to look down to see me as I'm pretty short, but their eyes wondered lower than normal.
I got a little paranoid like there was something on me so I tracked where their eyes down and they were staring, in shock, at my chest hair.

At that point I realized ok, yeah, I get why my lady friends feel violated when it happens to them. One concern I couldn't shake was why they looked so shocked?
Perhaps it's because chest hair is such a manly feature for me to have on my child like exterior?
It's funny that when my other male friend arrived they also ogled his chest hair. Full disclosure, I ogled his chest hair too - man it was like a work of art.

Take home message?
Dress how you like and if someone ogles you, ogle them back.

Thanks for reading,
Mario El :p