This post was written in collaboration with Dat Tyres. I was paid to write this post but it’s one that I’ve wanted to do for a really long time, Dat Tyres just make it possible. All opinions are my own and stories are true.

When it comes to my car I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, any noise and I go all inspector gadget. Admittedly it gets annoying when my friends are all excited for a road trip and I’m making them wait because I’m checking the cars - It does mean that my car is always in a good working order though. I get that not everyone is car savvy but I wanted to write this post sharing a few basic tips on how to check / maintain your car.

This is my boy Ralph, he's well looked after :P

Checking the tyre pressure
Tyres can be expensive so you want to make sure you’re taking good care of them. The only thing you really need to do to your tyres is to make sure there is the correct amount of air in them (as stated in the driver’s side door arch or inside of petrol flat). When I brought my last car, we asked the guy how often he put air in the tyres, he replied with ‘what is that?’. Admittedly that should have been a sign for us to run for the hills but instead we negotiated the price down for a new set of tyres (they were in really bad condition).
There are a few ways to tell that your tyres air:
-The stance feels off
-It pulls to the left
-You can visibly see that they’re not right
One of the first things we did when I got my first car was get alloys for it. We met someone from ebay in the back of a Tesco car park and done the deal (we looked rather shifty but it all worked out). The alloys looked great but when we took the car for a drive, it didn’t handle right because the tyres that came with the alloys were under inflated. We stuck some air in and it was happy driving from there on.

Service your car
Not only can a bad service history make your car sad, but it depreciates it. If you car has a bad service history then it looks like the owner doesn’t take care of the car so people will be put off buying.
Getting a service can completely change the feel of your car, I took my Volvo to get a much needed service and it feels like a new car, it has the spring back in its step.
I get that it can be a bit intimidating calling a mechanic because you don’t want to get judged for your lack of car knowledge. It does feel a bit rudimentary / old fashioned calling a mechanic; companies like Dat Tyres allow you to book your car in for a service online. It’s easier and saves a lot of time as well.. Plus, they have garages in Kensal Green and other regions. When you live in places like Canterbury, you begin to miss London conveniences like having a choice of which garage to go too based on which is more convenient (not just which is the only one in the region…).

Make sure you have washer fluid
There is nothing worst then not having washer fluid. I bounce between Canterbury and London a lot so the constant motorways and country roads mean my windscreen gets filthy. All you have to do is get washer fluid (from any petrol station or super market), lift the bonnet, open the cap and stick some in until you can see the line. Not only is it illegal to drive on the motorway without washer fluid, it’s extremely hazardous (why would you not want to see?).

MOT your car
If you’ve owned a car before, you’d know that you need an MOT every 3 years. It’s a safety check for your car. They make sure the tyres are ok, all the bulbs work, window wipers are adequate ect… It’s a bit daunting because they can turn around and fail you and you’ll have to fix anything they say it wrong. Fife-autocenter explain the whole process and have an online booking system so you can reserve an appointment online.

Car care is kind of a big deal, it’s like taking care of your body, if you don’t then things will start to go wrong. If it helps, name your car so you’ll feel guilty when you don’t care of it (but please do!).
Drive safe, be respectful to other road users and most importantly, look after yourselves.

Thanks for reading.
Mario El :)

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