I've realised that for a lifestyle and twin blog, there is a serious lack of twin content. I wanted to write this post to not only add more twin content but to explain to what it’s like having a twin.  

For a very set pair of twins, we have a surprisingly little
amount of photos together  

Here’s a bit of background before I get deep.
Me and my brother are very close, we live together, go to the same uni, study the same course and share the same car. I always feel the need to justify at this point because it sounds like we're co-dependent. We live together and share a car because it's cheaper and the uni thing was a legitimate coincidence. Like 'oh I wanna study this here', 'that's funny, me too'. Twins really do think alike 😂.
We're identical twins, he's 2 minutes older and no he does not let me forget that. On our last birthday he literally said 'ha, I'm older' for the whole 2 minutes he was 21 and I was 20.

Everyone wants to believe that identical twins are clones of each other but me and Andrew could not be more different if we tried. 
He's more of the street wise, let's go out, plan everything later, doesn't matter what time we get there kind of guy. Whereas I'm more of the academically minded, got to be there early, plan everything to a T kind of guy. We always said that if we were one person we'd be unstoppable because he's a bit too extroverted and I'm a bit too introverted, combine that with what I said above and you'd get a chill smart guy.

Andrew’s more than just a brother to me, he’s half of me. We were born together and raised as one, everything was shared and we bounce off of each other. When I’m getting overly anxious he calms me down and when he’s being too chill I’ll give him a kick up the bum to get him working. I’ll tell him when he’s dressing too slutty and he’ll tell me when I’m dressing too stereotypically Geeky. You could almost say that we know each other better then we know ourselves. Putting it in simple terms, we make each other better.
It’s going to be weird when we both get girlfriends because that’s the type of things they’re supposed to do.

The other day a lorry crashed into us and I couldn't help thinking that if something happened to him, I'd lose half of myself. When you’re with your twin and something happens, it’s one of those situations where you think about them before you think about yourself. Even though the lorry was crashing into my side of the car I was like shit, how can I make sure Andrew survives.  

Whenever there are twins who were separated at birth being reunited stories or even just watching the parent trap, I end up balling my eyes out. To think that people are missing out on that bond is truly heart breaking. I know some twins can’t stand each other but the ones I’ve met are like me and Andrew or are even closer.

We spend our lives trying to establish ourselves as our own people but the truth is that neither us know what we would be without the other. If you ask me, that’s what being a twin is all about.

Thanks for reading,
Mario El :p