Appreciating the old

I always wanted to have an Instagram theme but I've never been able to settle on one; so ever since the start of February I decided to have a new theme every week. I've not only done this to keep my feed new and exciting but also to develop my photography and editing skills. By changing every week I'm forced to look at for new editing styles that I likely wouldn't have tried before, really building on my presets on Lightroom.

This weeks theme is film and was inspired by my grandparents. They were telling me about when they came to England and the work they done to support their (our) family. This theme is about appreciating the old so we can develop in the future.

Growing up around cars and my dad constantly expressing his love for the Ford Capri, you got the sense that no new car would be good enough for him. I couldn't help but feel that he was stuck in the past rather then simply appreciating it. A more recent example is the Toyota Supra. Calling the
supra a classic would be an understatement, it's been a staple in popular films and racing games since when I was a kid. They released the design for the new one and to my surprise, people were outraged. They kept questioning why change a perfect design but I couldn't help but question them that if you don't push the boundaries of what people think is perfect, how can things develop?
A more personal example - I love minis and can appreciate how they've developed. It's one thing to look at the new shape and think ooo, but when know the history (watched Italian job), you can appreciate how they have evolved. That they have become stronger, bigger and dare I say more fun?

I'm a massive android user. I remember my first android phone was the HTC tattoo, it was advertised as one of the first phones that you could customise the home screen on. When I got it I was like ooo, an app store 😂. Looking back, you can really appreciate how phone cameras have gotten better, the UI had become simpler and shortcut actions are more fluid. Even my grandparents have android smartphones and love them.

I've always had a keen interest in science, even started teaching psychology in schools. Teaching them the basics, you can really appreciate how far we've come advancement and awareness wise. It seems rudimentary that the more testosterone you have, the more 'masculine' you're likely to be. But it lays the basic groundwork so the kids can understand the more complex stuff. Even in Anthropology, I often question why I need to care about these studies who's findings have no impact on my life what so ever. Obviously, I know that we an learn from them (but when a study is so boring and seemingly pointless). When learn to appreciate those studies, to read past the text, you see how data collection techniques have evolved, how personal the researchers actually have to get, and that some are so solid that we still use them today - almost 100 years later.

I feel like I went off on one in almost every paragraph... It's understandable that some people find learning about the past boring but when you have the opportunity to, do it, as it makes you appreciate what is now and the developments that are constantly coming.

On a side note - Someone said to me that I should really focus on being more consistent with my feed and not change it every week because that's what people prefer. I replied with 'if you're not using social media for yourself and if it doesn't reflect that you are / want to be, then what are you using it for?

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