Why I love London so much

Admittedly, I'm a little bias being a born and bread Londoner, but London is the best city. There's something special when you're there and something you miss when you're not. When I'm, in Kent, I find my self constantly moaning about how much better London is, I actually do this where ever I go...
Here are the reasons why I love London so much!

We have the tube!
Apart from driving, the tube is my favourite means of transport. Trying to make awkward eye constant with people is the best tube game! It's crazy to think about how the tube works, you're effectively shooting through the ground. It's funny travelling through the different zones and hearing the accents change. You go from speaking cockney English to talking all proper. I even find myself speaking more of 'the Queens english' when I travel to central London.

It's very Instagramable
London may not be the tallest city but it is very easy to find a good picture. Sure, in New York you can take a nice photo of the skyline but eh, how many pictures can you really take of skyscrapers and crosswalks? In London, everything is so diverse; so cute. We have London buses (which are sponsored now), classic phone boxes, the royal guard, parks, bridges and os much more (just check out my Instagram)!

Everything is so organised
If you look back at my Rome Review, my first impression was 'it's barbaric'. People drove through red lights,they didn't indicating and crosswalks weren't even acknowledged. In London on the other hand, we have so many cameras that you wouldn't even dream of breaking the road laws. We also queue for everything, no cutting!
I like order in my life and London is ideal for that.

Driving in London
My friends are probably tired of hearing me moan about this but London has the best drivers. As I said we're organised and you could go far as saying efficient. When you see an opportunity you go for it. This seems like common sense but come to Kent, everyone drives to politely, even to the extent of giving way on a roundabout which legitimately defeats the purpose of it.
It's ok Mario... London in a few weeks.

As Dorothy said, 'there's no place like home'. As much as I want to click my heels and go home, university comes first. London, I miss you.

Thanks for reading,
Mario El :p