Despite what everyone is eager to remind you of, 2016 wasn't all bad. After seeing all of the 'thank god it's over' tweets (and even sending out one of my own) I thought it would be fun to write about some of my achievements.

Photo taken by Katlast

Finally got into my second year of uni
People often get confused when I tell them I'm in my second year of uni but I've been there for 3 years. I originally went to university with the dream of becoming a scene of crime investigator (thanks CSI), but after finishing first year and failing (by not even 1%!) I realised how much I hated chemistry. I spoke to the university and said I want to study Archaeology and Anthropology, but the only way to do so was to start from 1st year so I was like screw it, yeah. After being an extended fresher, it was a massive achievement (and relief) getting into second year.

Winning an award at uni
There are 'student' awards at uni that only a few people get shortlisted for. Much to my surprise (and to the person who came second), I won the outstanding contribution towards media and communication award for my work teaching blogging. Got to give a quick shout out to Kat Last and the UKC blogging society for nominating me! Wouldn't have won it without their support.

Posters of me around campus
The uni made posters dedicated to people who achieved great things volunteering and from my work with the society, I got one. I was on a bus stop and screens in my schools building. I've had people ask where they've seen me, I get all gassed up and ask if they've seen the uni bus stop. Bit awkward when they say "no, but I know your twin! That's why you look so familiar!" leaving me to look like some big headed douche.

Found the blogging community
I started metaphoricallyme in January and finally took the advice I was teaching - to find the blogging community on social media. Ever since I found the community I've been more motivated and inspired! Plus it's nice having blogging buddies :)

Wishing you a happy new year,
Mario El :p