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From the minute I get out of bed until the second I get back into it, I’m listening to music. Almost like a drug, music is slowly taking over my life. It’s only when you think about how often and on how many devices you listen to music through that it starts to get concerning. Think about it, how different would everyday tasks be without music?

When ever my family and I go to our uncles house, he is using his Panasonic Waterproof bluetooth speaker - which he probably loves more then he does his kids. The meal wouldn’t be the same without us blaring the greek tunes and randomly bursting into fits of song. To be fair, I think his neighbours would prefer a world without music as they keep complaining about how we’re too loud when ever we're round. It’s funny that my cousin doesn’t speak a word of Greek but ask him to sing in Greek and he’ll serenade us all. 

Being a student, the main task I do everyday is study (ha, yeah right). Studying wouldn’t be the same without music, there’s nothing better than plugging in and just getting through your work load. Well there are a lot of better thing to be doing than working but student life and all…
Listening to music whilst studying is actually a proven method of remembering things as you associate certain topics with parts of a song. Just like my friend remembers being chased by a hotel manager with a baseball bat when ever David Guetta ft Vassy ‘Bad’ is playing (the song was playing when he was being chased, long story). 
When ever my parents “I don’t get how you can study with music in your ears” I like to quote this article.

One of my favourite things to do is go for a drive, it legitimately is my therapy. When others are angry they walk it off, I drive it off. As I mentioned in my ‘things I appreciate’ post, I blare the music out of my car, it’s probably not great for the people around me considering my car has the upgraded Dolby speakers package. So much bass!
In all fairness, the engine noise is all the music I need #carboy

How often do you guys listen to music?
Do you know someone who doesn't?!

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