Everyone I know keeps saying 'new year, new me' and setting themselves new years resolutions. I'm not a fan of setting new years resolutions because are doomed to fail. One of my friends said they were going to quit smoking but ended up just reducing it to weekends. I mean fair enough but still - fail. I'm more of a set a goal when you think of one, it just so happened that I thought of the new goals at the beginning of 2017... 

Here are my goals (not resolutions) for 2017!
Staring down the uncertain tunnel which is 2017

Be a bit less up myself
I'm not sure where it has come from but I've recently developed an ego - it's at the point where I come across a little arrogant. I've even done the unBritish thing of accepting compliments! Everyone knows that when one receives a compliment, they're suppose to get embarrasses and deflect it. 
I was talking to someone today and it got tot he point where I could feel him starting to resent me. In all fairness, if he's actually had some good conversation topics then I would have spoken less about myself... see, what an arrogant thing to say!

Blog consistently
I set aside Tuesday for my blog day and all my post planning was going well until my laptop broke. 4 weeks later and it's still repair, thanks Lenovo...
Everything has gone a bit haywire since (because my laptop is my life) but will all be good soon (hopefully...).

Be more social
I spend a lot of time doing extra curricular activities because I want my CV to be so beefy they accuse it of doping; but my social life has suffered as a result. I want to go out a bit more / plan a few more trips before my mates all graduate and we never speak again #friendsforlife.

Take more photos
I've really been trying to improve my photography and editing skills - as you can probably tell from my instagram @metaphoricallyme_ (see, what upmyself thing to say!).
I want to get better which means walking around and taking more photos. I've got a Panasonic Lumix TZ60 which is my first camera that's not my smartphone. I was saying the other day that there's just something special about a dedicated camrea!

Do you have any new years goals or resolutions?
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Thanks for reading,
Mario El :p