Christmas With The Greeks

For many, Christmas means an intimate family gathering with a quiet dinner and some friendly games. For us Greeks however, Christmas is a time for guilt, having all 200 cousins round and playing one too many cut throat card games.

We often refer to ourselves as speaking Greenglish (a combination of Greek and English). I mention is because we do the same with the Christmas food but instead of substituting dishes (like we would words), we make both! I'm talking English stuffing balls, Greek stuffing (rice with liver), turkey and lamb (with a bird on the side for good measure), plus every trimming under the sun. Surprisingly we always have left overs...
Annual post christmas Ikea trip
As us Greeks are very proud people, the dinner conversation is always eardrum shatteringly loud with everyone talking over each other because, and I quote, "this is why you're wrong". It's gotten to the point where the neighbours have complained because we're talking too loudly. After dinner is when our ears get a break as the older men crash on the sofas in from everything they've just eaten (turkey neck included). 
This is usually when us younger generation would disappear upstairs and get up to no good. By that I mean the boys play playstation whilst the girls bitch about the cousins who did not turn up. It's funny when one of the aunties wants their daughters because they shout the name up the stairs like 'Dora' and all the girls go running down because they have the same name (it's a greek thing). 

Desert is when things get a little lethal. There's this Greek biscuit we make called 'meromekunonus' and instead of the aunties communicating and saying 'I'll make them this year', we get 10 batches and have a competition to see who's are the best. 
Funny story, one of the cousins brought his girlfriend to dinner and as she was the only impartial person at the table, she had to judge who made the best meromekunonus. Long story short she ran away...
Half a batch of Meromekunonus :p
After the cousins have respected their familial alliances and eaten their mums / aunties meromekunonus, we play the Greek card games. Remember how I mentioned that it was cut throat, I'm referring to the older generation. My generation are more then happy to make it into a drinking game however the older generation won't let this happen (they're just scared they can't keep up...).
They ruin this part of the night because God forbid the younger generation who was not born in the village beats them at cards. To ensure victory they would make up rules which was 'how they played it in the village'. 

Me a year ago! Before I knew how to take selfies...
The whole night is 'organised' chaos: everyone sits where they want, they eat everything and there are always too many cooks in the kitchen. The only way I can really justify the behaviour is it's Christmas. We've always done it like that and I intend to carry this tradition. As loud and intrusive as my family are, I can't bloody wait to go home for Christmas!

What are your family traditions? Comment bellow!

Thanks for reading and have a very merry Christmas,
Mario El :p

ps - If you want any Greek traditions explained or have any questions, ask bellow!