Ask anyone I know to describe me and they'll say one of two things, 'Mario's short' or 'he's always early'. Somehow I have the mentality that on time is late drilled into my head. These are some thoughts I have whilst loitering around, waiting for my friends.

I'm standing around like a lemon... Let me pull my phone out so I look social!

Am I at the right place? Let me check the messages again.

I need new, early, friends...

Crap, are they going to ask me to grab them a table? I'm way too socially awkward for do that!

Oh look it's, *waves*, yeah... that's not them :-(

Did I turn up on the wrong day again?

Is she checking me out? No seriously, why is she looking at me?

Maybe something happened to my friends...
Perhaps they found a new, short, awkward yet adorable friend

Screw this, I'm leaving!

Oh there they are, on time.

Yeah I've got to stop turning up so early...

Eh, who am I kidding.

Until next time guys,
Mario El :p

PS - Is it good or bad time management to always be early?

It's funny how I'm writing this post whilst waiting awkwardly outside a lecture that I'm early for.