Things I Appreciate

Recently, I've not been uploading which is strange as I have posts written - ready to publish. As odd as this sounds coming form a lifestyle blogger, I didn't want to release my posts on surviving winter at uni or how to hide the fact you're short, I wanted to publish something with a bit more thought behind it. Over the past few weeks uni has hit me hard making me slightly more philosophical then usual, hence this post on things I appreciate.

Blogging buddies couldn't have a bigger influence on my life even if they tried. They're there for inspiration, support and advice. Besides, if they weren't there then I wouldn't be able to watch Maff play pool, absorb some of the joy CJ spreads or see Peters amazing photos.

Spotify Premium
Whether I need music to raise my mood, carry my mood or to blare out of the car so everyone around knows I'm in a mood, Spotify premium is always there :p. I still struggle to understand how my friends sit there through the adds of non premium...

Kat Last - Disney and Travel Blogger

The other day I (drunkenly) messaged Kat that she was 'a great blogger and an even better friend'. Although that was 7 Kopenburgs talking, it couldn't have been more true. I've known Kat for almost 3 years now but she's one of those friends you feel like you've had for a lifetime. We've gone to blogging events together, gotten overly excited at Christmas lights and been there for eachother when times get tough. Give her a follow and check out her blog!

Dominos pizza delivery
Always there so night owls like me can be fed until the late hours of the morning (then regret not opting for something healthier later in the day...).
My Dyslexia
I try not to advertise this too much but I am severely dyslexic. I don't advertise it because I hate people using it as an excuse for not trying. Mini rant over. Even though it takes me 3 times as long to read text and has lead to some pretty humiliating moments in class when reading outloud, my brain wouldn't be as weird and as wonderful as it is without dyslexia.


There is no doubt that as humans, we've made some mistakes in the past. But as the TV show 'legends of tomorrow' has taught me, time is extremely sensitive so if events hadn't unfolded the way they did then I might not have been where I am today, I might not even be here today (#Deep).

Family Legacy
My grandad came to England when he was 14 with £10 in his pocket. From there he shared a single room with 5 other families and worked in his uncles cafe until he saved enough to open a string of his own businesses. If he hadn't done this I wouldn't be alive today because my parents wouldn't have met. He wouldn't have even met my grandma (they're celebrating their 50 year wedding anniversary next year!).

Failing my first year of uni

Slightly more somber - I always dreamed about being a forensic scientist (thanks CSI) but I got to uni and quickly realisd that I needed a new dream. Anyway I got to change my degree (which I love oh so very much now). The whole experence was almost a life lesson. I am fortunately enough to say that that's the most traumatizing thing that has ever happened to me and that I learnt a lot from it.
-It's ok to admit you're not happy.
-Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, things might not always work out.
-There is always another option.

The technicians behind our favourite websites

As quick as we all are to attack developers when everything fails, we have to appreciate how 99% of the time everything works perfectly.
Thank you developers for making this post and my whole online presence possible.

Thank you all very much for reading,
(I appreciate you guys too!),
Mario El :p