I'm a student so these past few weeks I've had my head in a textbook rather then thinking of ideas for a new blog post. Then it hit me, I'm a lifestyle blogger so write about life. Dumb I know but it was an epiphany at the time.

As a student you spend a lot of time in seminars and naturally it's where you get to know others on your course - for better or for worse. Unfortunately for me, or fortnightly for you guys, the latter is how this story ends.
I'm going to say off the bat, I'm not a judgmental person externally. I would never go up to someone and say 'mate, wash your hair, it's grim' but I have no problem thinking it. There was this girl in my seminar, lets call her Jane, and she was less then well 'kept'. Obviously I spoke to her as I'm not one of those people who ignores someone based on their cleanliness (or lack there of).

Me, Jane and a few others got talking and soon made our own little group. It was about 6 weeks into term which is infamously the time for everyone to get stressed then ill. The whole group was off sick apart from me (who was well) and Jane who was coughing and spluttering. If you ask me that's kind of selfish going to a lecture when all you're going to do is distract and make everyone ill but that's a controversial opinion for another time. 

I had a presentation a few days later which geekily, I was very excited for. Cautious of the surrounding illness I said to Jane 'I'm going to sit a few seats down from you because I don't want to get ill before my presentation'. That's a pretty reasonable request if you ask me but it wasn't according to Jane. Instead of responding, she looked me straight in the eye and coughed on me. 
That Barbarian deliberately coughed on me!

I'm a very patient and forgiving person but when someone makes me reach my limit, that person is dead to me. Jane is now and will forever remain dead to me. 

So how did I respond?
I didn't want to make a scene (I don't like to give people who are dead to me the courtesy of that) so I stood up and moved seat, the barbarian responded by shouting at me across the classroom 'seriously, you're moving because of that?!'. I didn't respond and nor have I spoken to her since the incident.

What was the point in this post?
I have a very positive outlook on life - try your best and make as many friends as you can on the way.
But it's ok to hate some people. 
I've wanted to say that for such a long time! There's so much pressure to be the bigger man / forgive and forgetting but in cases like Jane, kill them, burn the body and bury the ashes (metaphorically speaking of course).

Stay strong,
Mario El :p