Continuing from my Netflix themed week - Sometimes there's nothing better then just binge watching a show. One question, what do you binge watch? 
Here's a list of shows I <3 to binge.

Disclaimer - These are not necessarily my favorite shows, just ones that are easy to binge. (Some shows can't be binged like The Returned).
- Gossip Girl
I have no problem admitting that I was addicted to gossip girl never mind quoting it regularly. It's so good that story time. I lived in a flat of guys, one of them got a girlfriend, she introduced everyone to it. Just imagine 5 Lads just watching gossip girl. It's not as girly as you think!

- Daredevil and Jessica Jones
Given these are comic book inspired shows, you'll be addicted geek or not. Daredevil defecates all over the film version and Krystine Ritter does an unbelievable job at portraying the damaged private investigator, Jessica Jones. Netflix really made these shows it's own, very dark night rises. 

- Queen Of The South
You know when you get addicted to a really good book (or audiobook in my case) and want to keep reading too see how the story progresses, that is what'll happen when you watch queen of the south. So much action, too much betrayal, characters you hate, such sexy accents! Watch it!

- Supergirl
Can you tell that I'm a bit of a geek given that this is the third super hero show on this list? 
At first I was thinking please don't be like Smallville and hurray, it's wasn't! Not that it was particularly bad but when you sit through 10 seasons you want something new.
Anyway this show is insane, I have rewatched it 3 times. The cast are amazing, CGI is great and from episode 6 onwards it skyrockets to another level. 

- Scream
This is losely inspired by the films but trust me when I say this is a million times better. The horror is actual horror and binge watching will give you the occasional sleepless night - totally worth it though! Season 1 was great but season 2 was epic, the escalation episode form episode was almost too much to handle.

Alright, I'll stop word vomiting there. 
These shows are great, watch them!

Thanks for reading,

Mario El :p