I'm going to start off with a confession, I got the Netflix free trial with the intention of binging daredevil then canceling.
What actually happened was I got so addicted to daredevil that I finished it in a few days.
Having a few weeks left of the trial I decided, at random, to watch the return.
Here is my review of it.

Going into it blind was probably the best thing I could have done, I didn't know the plot never mind the cast. I say that because the show has such a complex story that it was invigorating to watch it all unravel. I needed no convincing to continue binging, the first episode had me hooked! I'm into shows that have unexplainable aspects so seeing the writers really toy with such a strong topic (death) was immense. Honestly, this was not a show to be binged, it's one of those that you want to slowly watch, understand and over analyses (exactly as I did).  

In an attempt to keep you hooked, jaw dropping plot twists were frequent although towards the end they started to not making sense... Which is probably the reason the show never got a season 2 never mind a finale :-/
I haven't looked into it but the, show doesn't get an ending, it gets an annoying cliff hanger which is actually a discrediting end to a Netflix original series. Part of me thinks they didn't want to spend any more budget on what would have been a CGI heavy episode, or that there were too many characters / loose ends to tie up adequately. 

I'd recommend this show unless you a person who has completion issues because like the TV show 'alphas', we're never going to find out what happened.
Plot 7.5 / 10
Cast 10/10
CGI 10/10
Recommendation 7.7/10

Thanks for reading,

Mario El :p