The past year I've had a sort of epiphany which was stop playing games. As a student you really cherish your free time as it comes few and far between. In my eye I am at uni to prosper, time to really make a name for myself and start making industry connections. The time I would have spent playing games, I invested that time into extra curricular activities to build up my CV. 
As I'd never gotten into VR and with spending my time and money 'wisely', VR systems never really crossed my mind.

The academic year came to a close and ask any student; they will tell you that 4 months off is way too long. Yes I got a job and that's 9-6 but you do time to kill. My best mate had his birthday so I thought I'd buy him something different and opted for the Google Cardboard; it was more or less buy one get one free so I got one for myself.
The promotion material made Google Cardboard seemed like it was VR and an affordable price and it is exactly that. It would be a mistake to buy it expecting Oculus rift / HTC Vive quality VR as it just doesn't have that functionality. Further then moving your head left and right plus limited interaction there isn't much else Google Cardboard offers. The in app demos are impressive but you get bored quick once you realise it's the tutorial on loop. You can download third party apps from the app store and they're decent but somewhat lackluster.
It's not something I use on the regular and it's probably going to sit on my shelf until I get board one day and reminisce about the fun hour I had with it. 
I've been pretty negative but it's a really good system Google created. It offers an escape from the real world and a kid would be extremely impressed. 

It's important to remember that it is a £15 piece of cardboard that acts as a projector. Google Cardboard offers a taste of VR because it does that and flawlessly (depending on what phone you have). I wouldn't say I wasted my money because it was a great experience, I'd recommend it if you were thinking of leaping into the world of VR but are unsure about spending all that money without knowing if you really liked it. 

Thanks for reading,

Mario El :)