As much as I'd like this to be an inspirational post about how I wake up at 7 am everyday, have a light breakfast and go for a run; I can't say that. I try not to lie and saying that would be a massive one, instead you're going to get a post about what an absolute slob I am and how I am not a morning person.

What you're thinking is correct, I wake up

Enjoy :p

I'm a student so the time I wake up really depends on what time my uni day starts. This year I was blessed with the earliest start I have being at 10am; meaning I can leave my flat at quarter past 9 and still be on time. 

Theoretically I would set my alarm for around two hours before I have to leave (so I'm awake awake for uni). Realistically, I snooze for another hour and wake up in a mad panic. In my panic I scan social media then spend a good 5 minutes searching for a song on Spotify so I can embarrassingly dance around my flat like a GIF.

There's not much to do in the morning when you're a guy, brush my teeth, use bulldog face scrub, chuck on my meticulously planned outfit, use a few too many got2b products and I'm dressed. I use the wax and hairspray to achieve the hiding receding hairline look. 

On a standard day I'll scoff a Briveta softbake (chocolate chip of course) followed by an Actimel drinking yogurt (because why not).

Finally it's check time. Microsoft surface 3, evernote notebook, wallet, Id, change for parking and car keys. Then a march down to Ralph (ma whip) and speed off to uni.

I hope you can appreciate my honesty because I'm reading the post over and am not impressed with myself. In my deference I am getting better, trying to make morning runs a part of my routine. 

Fun fact - I brought the Bulldog face scrub thinking it was moisteriser. Turns out it wasn't but I liked it so much I made it a permanent part of my routine.

Thanks for reading and I hope your opinion of me hasn't dropped too much,
Mario El :p