As a kid I was never into Pokemon, nothing against it but beyblade was way better. Regardless of personal preference; I knew the games were cool so when Pokemon Go came out - integrating the games into real life, I had to download it. Surprisingly, Pokemon Go taught me a few things.

Don't train and drive kids... adults...

I have legs

Ok haha but seriously, I never expected a game that makes people physically get up and go outside play it would be so successful. Normally games that require more effort then hitting a few buttons are just a fad and die out like the wii and playstation camera. To be fair I don't see this happening to Pokemon go. Reason being that it enables people live out their childhood dream regardless of the age. Bringing me onto my next point...

Boys will boys

It's a running joke that men don't mature, they just get older. Depending on who you ask this is very true. Personally I think when something like comics or pokemon has been such a big part of your life, it never stops - saying that I get called immature quite often...
Anyway I digress, Pokemon Go has shown that you can't kill a community no matter how old the members get. (Including female trainers too).

Trainer Radar

Similar to 'gaydar', you can tell which people around you are trainers. They have an excited adventurous yet anxious look on their faces (larah croft if you will). They're standing all jittery waiting for the something whether it's servers or their lure module to finish. You exchange an accepting head bob then part ways.
... Only to see each other in 5 minutes when the Pokestop has cooled down.

Honestly though, I never thought I'd get so addicted to a game. Me and my friend went on a road trip; I drove whilst he held both of our phones collecting as many Pokemon and Pokestops as he could. I hope this doesn't die out because being part of such a public, geeky, socially accepted community is awesome!

Has Pokemon go taught you anything new?
What wacky Pokemon Go stories do you have?

Comment bellow!

Thanks for reading,
Mario el