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18 July 2016

What I Found On StubmleUpon #2

Continuing from my latest stumble upon craze; I present to you 5 articles that entertained me on Stumble Upon.
As Shia says
                             '   LET'S DO THIS!  '

Starting off the list is hilarious kiss cam GIFs. Probably slightly immature to be so entertained by this but when it's Monday; we need all the encouragement as much encouragement to get through the week as we can right?


With the ascent of Google now on android, android wear and iphones; hearing people screaming 'ok google' has become a common occurrence in the streets of London. I have the mentality of if you're going to do something, do it right - so why not know a bunch of commands that you may but probably won't use?


I may not look like a manly man (more like a scrony little kid) but ask me to change a tire, take apart your computer or drive you across the country - I will. Funnily enough, I've never learnt how to kick in a door or tie my lions ect... so I live for tutorials like this. Enjoy.

Take this article with a pinch of as breaking into things is generally illegal... If it's your own stuff though, go ahead. I'm organised enough to never be locked out of my garage, in a boot or surprisingly out of my laptop. I know plenty of people who aren't that organised so for you guys read on


I LIVE for keyboard shortcuts; not only do people think you're a bad ass for using them but they're so much faster. Whether you're using macOS or windows shortcut integration has never been better so take full advantage of them!


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I'll See Ya In The Next One :p