In a previous post I word vomited why I changed from android to IOS, now the situation has now complicated it's self.


I ordered the 64gb Iphone SE (because since when is 16gb enough for anyone nowadays?). In the excitement to open and set it up for the #bloggersball I didn't realise I was sent the 16gb. Whilst at work I plugged my phone into the computer and realised I had the 16gb, so I called EE and they said to send it back and go through the upgrade process again. No harm done, went through the process and got an LG G5 but that's a story for another day.


The whole point of the SE is it stumps the screen size to phone power ratio. Smaller phones are cheaper and less powerful so you're at a disadvantage for wanting a phone that can fit in one hand. Using the A9 chip from the 6S, the SE breezes through every task whilst looking like an Iphone 5S. I'm not going to lie, this bugged the heck out of me. In a world as tech orientated and image conscious as the one we live in; no one wants to be seen with last generation tech. The SE isn't last gen (apart from the screen, design and fingerprint sensor) so it's irritating when people think it is.

Camera Sample

The small screen means you don't have a massive display draining the battery so the SE should last you the whole day. That combined with apple's battery optimizations left no power complaints from me. It's not all hunky dory when it comes to the screen though; watching Youtube videos on it isn't enjoyable. My eyes are terrible so the phone has to be scarily close to my face when ever I want to consume media (which is often). That's not Apple's fault but it's a problem for me.

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This has been a kind of negative review but it really shouldn't be. The battery lasted, camera was great and the phone didn't bulk out my pockets. Apart from my grates with iOS the SE is a great buy.
It proves that like myself, good things come in small packages.

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Thanks For Reading,
Mario El