As I've mentioned in a previous post, I share a car with my twin brother. Like all things twin related there's a bad and a good side to it. Even with twins, I'm the good twin...


- You'll always know when something's wrong
Some people drive a car whilst their engine is screaming it's gaskets off, me and my brother aren't those people. Any little noise and we're on it. My point is that you'll have two ears so if there is something sounds wrong.

- You'll never have to wash it
Bare with me:
"Oh andrew... it's raining on the car..."
"Dammit, It's going to get dirty! Looks like I'll have to wash it tomorrow".
I'll admit that manipulate my brother's hatred of dirt but at least my car's clean :p

- You can get a better car
I wouldn't have the car I have today if I didn't go 'halfsies' with my brother, chances are I'd still have my broken (all be it sexy) mini. You have double the budget to play with hence me having a Volvo C30 with all the extras... (and I mean all the extras :p).


- The car is never truely 'yours'
Being a twin you share everything; toys, clothes and now apparently cars.
When I'm talking to my mates I'll be like "yeah, just stick your bag in my car befor the lecture".
Then he butts in "our car".
Technically I was the one that started the whole 'our' car thing but he still...

- My brother's crashy crashy bang bang...
Andrew (my brother) is easily distracted and he's quite cocky, both terrible qualities for a driver.
For example:
"Oh, I can get closer to that car behind" he says whilst pressing the gas to reverse and the car not moving because he is bumper to bumper with the car behind :(

- You'll do double the mileage
People don't really think of this because you get in your car and drive so why should you? But when it comes to selling your car you realise how many miles you have actually done. With the mini we done 10000 miles in 10 months which really isn't something to be proud of (although we are :) )

We share a car because of our situation. We live in a flat together and only have one parking space, insurance is cheaper and 'halfsies' thing. Does it suck? Sometimes, especially when I want to go away for the weekend and he needs the car for work (or vise versa). On the bright side girls for some reason think it's cute?

I'd love to have my own car and one day I will but until then I'm sharing with my twin.

Thanks for reading,
Mario El