The day started off early, I'd driven back from uni with my flat in the car the night before so I was understandably knackered. Not being demotivated though, I had a mission - get my hair cut! I assumed that because at 9:30 in uni students are still sleeping so the barbers back home should be empty. Turns out when you're not a student half 9 is a standard time to be awake? Strange...

Hair got cut, suit went on, oyster topped up and I was on my way.

I met up with a bunch of bloggers from uni (as we're all part of the Blogging Society) and we headed off into the abyss; by the abyss I mean the crowds of tourists.
I can't judge the tourists too much tough, I felt like one google mapping it from m&m world to DSTRKT... Turns out it's only a few steps away. Who knew?

Once we saw the sign it became very apparent we were in the right place as a bunch of bright haired individuals stood outside taking pictures. It was good to be in the company of people who didn't judge you for a selfie, or 50...

I'm not sure what came over me but as we walked into the venue I turned into a little kid. "look at that!", "Take a picture of me standing under that!". We checked in our coats and were greeted by the stunning Scarlett London, after staring like the love heart eyed emoji we were unleashed into the club. I say unleashed because again, I was like a little kid and excitingly legged it into the venue.

Justin Timberlake once said "I turn my head to the East, I don't see no body by my side, I turn my head to the west, still no body in sight".
That was not the case with the #bloggersball.
Brands, bloggers and nibbles, it was awesome! I'd never been to a bloggers ball before but I'm definitely making sure I go to future ones, the atmosphere was unreal.

Seeing bloggers that I idolise tweeting that they would be attending the bloggers ball got me all googly on the inside. Fun fact about me, I get extremely star struck (as you could probably tell from my Scarlett comment). I was an extra in kick-ass 2 and when I saw Chloe Grace Mortez I froze with a big grin across my face #bae.

I spotted Maffjones when he walked in and instantly nudged my friends like it's him! I mustered up the courage to say hi and I think we started talking about London? As I said I was star struck so I rambled on a bit and legged it.
I also saw someone and was like duuuuude, that's the owl tattoo guy. Turns out it was, snapped a quick selfie and again legged it.

After realising being a little fan boy wasn't making a great impression I had some prosecco from the coolest wine glasses ever and calmed down a bit (only a bit though...). Circulating I ran into the fabulous Sarah who looked stunning in her pink bomber jacket, Undercoverchick who was a vision in black and the gorgeous Glessabella who was as charming as always.

I got so much out of the ball, seeing that there are so many like minded individuals was highly motivating. Also loads of free bee's which I can't wait to try and blog about, particularly the fennel chocolate by Seed and Bean.

I don't think I can express my gratitude enough that an event like that was organised.
A massive thank you Scarlett and SL Events is in order. You guys really know how to host a great event.

Thanks for reading,
See ya in the next one :p