What is your middle name?
Antonis. It's a family tradition for your child's middle name to be your first name. So my child's name will be something like Antonis Mario Elia. Coincidentally that's just my name reconfigured :p

 What was favourite subject at school?
It's a mash up between Media and IT which probably explains why I love blogging.

What is your favourite drink?
As British as it sounds, a great cuppa Tea. Only at night though - makes me sleep.

What is your favourite song at the moment?
No competition from the empire sound track, I've killed the whole album but refuse to be defeated and still play no competition on repeat. 

What is your favourite food?
Pasta with cut up bacon and sausages... Don't judge :p

What is the last thing you bought?
A tie for the #bloggersball 

Favourite book of all time?
I am number four as it's probably the only book I've finished... and in audiobook form :/

Favourite Colour
Gunmetal grey (just look at my car, clothes, flat and phone - '50 shades of grey').

Do you have any pets?
Technically no but does my twin brother count?

Favourite Perfume (after shave)?
Diesel - Only the brave wild.

Favourite Holiday?
Lanzerote with my mates in a fully inclusive hotel; great company with unlimited food and alcohol - what more could you want?

Are you married?
Nope, one day though and apparently soon... My friends voted me the first to be married out of the group.

Have you ever been out of the country? 
Yep, quite a few times :p

Do you speak any other language?
Greek and some very broken French.

How many siblings do you have?
1 sister and an identical twin brother who's blog channel is here, I'm in them quite often so check it out :)

What is your favourite shop
Menkind, can easily spend all of my money in there.

Favourite restaurant?
Cafe de sole in Canterbury, they make a mean calamari.

When was the last time you cried?
Cried, not in a long time but I get well emotional extremely at Tv shows often! Not sure why but even with shows like arrow I'm like "bu..bu...bu... she didn't deserve to die!".

Favourite Blog?
I'm peter - Men's lifestyle and fashion blog.
Favourite Movie?
Heartbreakers - Sigourney weaver and Jennifer love heitt. Love love love it!
My big fat Greek wedding comes at a close second.

Favourite TV show?
I watch a lot of TV shows so this was a massive decision but the answer is devious maids. Such a back stabbing, I love it! Close contenders were Suits, Nikita, unreal and scream (TV series).

PC or Mac?
PC but I want to move to mac as it is sexy AF. To be honest I can use any operating system, as Selena Kyle says "I'm adaptable".

What phone do you have? 
Humor me for a sec. Currently holding the Oneplus 2, I had the Iphone SE but they sent me the wrong GB so I sent it back and now I'm getting the LG G5. The Iphone saga was a short lived one.

How tall are you? 
A tad under 5'6, I'm tiny ha. I live in thick soled trainers making me 5'7ish.

Can you cook? 
Surprisingly yeah. 

A shout out to Alisha for nominating me

Thanks for reading,
See ya in the next one :p