I was at an award ceremony this weekend and one thing was very apparent, I can't speak properly. In my head I know how to speak but when the words come out something happens.
I won an award guys! Yay Me!
Bit awkward when I had to repeat my name
to everyone there

I can't pronounce my own name, you're probably assuming I have a long foreign name. Not exactly, it's Mario. I'm not sure why but when I go to say this five letter phonetically spelt name it comes out as Mavio - with a V.
In England we have this thing where everyone's polite, so instead of asking me to repeat myself they attempt at saying my name whilst offering me a hand to shake.
I've gotten Mathew, Marion and Met al. The first two are understandable but 'met al?'. What am I a building materiel?

As you may have gathered from above, when the R is in the middle of a word I struggle to pranounce it. However with words that aren't my name the R turns into a W. For example Subawu, 1 sewies, citwoen.
As I car fan who regularly attends car meets, this gets a few giggles from the crowd.

I also drop my t's. I'll admit it's a London thing and one I try to avoid. It slips out when I'm in the zone and makes me sound like a right lad - which is not the image I want for myself. For example  
'my skin's really sensaive today'.
'it's almost Chrismas, Sanda is coming '. 
I get neither of those examples are considered 'laddy' things to say but you get the idea.

I pick up my friends accents. It's not necessarily a bad thing but it's confusing when one minute I drop my t's and the next I'm emphasis A's like I'm from the north. 'let's go to clAss' 

Oddly my educational terms are on point, regardless of what I've said above. Probably becuase I'm trying not to stuff them up infront of lecturers.

Thanks for reading,
See ya in the next one :p