I've heard a lot of people talking about dairy and gluten free lifestyles being the 'in thing' but what they don't know is many of us didn't chose that lifestyle, it chose us.
Quick background about me - For my last year of sixth form I use to feel sick when ever I ate, I went to the doctor and he told me to cut out dairy. That worked and carried me well until my first year of uni, then I started to not feel great again. The uni doctors worn't equip for dietary related illnesses so they send me on my way and I went to a private specialist. He gave me a list of foods to avoid - basically gluten, dairy but also rice (which sucked as most free from stuff has rice).

My dietary report of foods to avoid, this was a quarter of
a 3 page document...

Breakfasts were kind of an issue for me. I'd never have enough time in the morning to cook but everything 'on the go' seemed to have milk in it. I hit up the free from section at my local sainsburys and I was good to go.

- Strawberry yogurt + seeds (also contains a large amount of fiber)
- Really meaty sausages (as normal ones are stuffed with wheat).
- Fruit then an Oat bars 
- Milk with cereal (They were from the free from section but tasted like cardboard)
- Bread and Jam (free from)
- Omelette with halloumi (goats milk has no lactose)

Lunch was never my favorite meal of the day, to be fair it still isn't.
I'd honestly use to just snack as I was always out in a lecture or in labs during lunch.
This is pretty much the weekends worth of lunch. (sorry it's short)

-Pizza (free from)
-Sandwich with almost any filling (free from)

Dinner you can actually get creative with. You can cook normal meals as a lot of gluten filled ingredients there are substitues for

- Fish (prawns with coconut oil are amazing)
- Curry
- Pasta in sauce
- meat + potatoes
- Lentils and rice (Greek dish - Fugi)
- Stuffed peppers
- Greek Salad
- Really meaty burgers (otherwise they're stuffed with gluten)
- Jacked potato with stuff...
- Fajitas
- Beans (eg black eye peas)  
- Courgette with eggs

Deserts are hard. Apart form restaurant options, you're kind of limited at home.

- Sorbet (lemon's my fav)
- Fruit salad
- Chocolate yogurt 
Snacks You'll find yourself eating 'crap'  you wouldn't normally be eating

- Oreos
- Ready salted crisps
- Naked bars
- Nuts
- Shortbread
- Nutella
- Sweets
- Fruit winders
- Very dark chocolate (hotel chocolate)
- Nachos! (make yourself so you know what's in them!)

This is a very random bunch of food / meals as it's what I could remember. Like many of my friends, my intollorences went away after two years. 
I just want you guys to know it's not just in your head, intollorences are a very real thing.
Here's some advice:
-Go doctor and get checked as it could be something more sinister such as chrones.
-Read labels
-Don't be embarrassed to tell the waiter / waitress at a restaurant that your intollorent
-For dairy, don't take lactase tablets, it's not worth putting yourself through that. They're expensive and don't always work, just wait it out.
- If you feel your self 'reacting' then go home, it's not worth you suffering (unless in certain instances...)
- Tell your uni / school!

I appreciate this was a badly written post but it was the only way I could thing to write it.

Thanks for reading,
I'll see ya in the next one :p

PS - Pasta and stuff was from the free from section at sainsburys, completely edible!