Going bald is a big deal and for every man in my family, a reality.
Here are some thoughts men have when they start to lose their hair.

Hair... thinning... hairline... receding...

Should I just bite the bullet and shave my head from now?

I should really start saving for a hair transplant...

How can I style my hair to hide my baldingness?

I wonder what my head looks like bald... An egg? A ball?

Would I look good in a hat?

Why do men polish their head? It makes it so shiny!

Would my beard look odd without any hair?

Will I need to apply sun tan lotion to my head?

The expression 'he's so stressed he's pulling his hair out' won't apply to me anymore... 

I wonder if I'll be able to polish it enough so people can see their reflection on my head

Ah god, I'ma look like my father even more!

Thanks for reading,

Mario El