Living in the age we do today, more and more people are going paperless. 

What is paperless?

It's living without needing to use paper - everything you need is online. It's a sounds like a simple concept but when you consider how much paper is actually used, it sounds impossible. Bank statements, post, notepads, textbooks, invitations, sketches ect... all use paper however; if you are willing to try, there are paperless alternatives.
I'll admit the paperless lifestyle is not for everyone (especially a technofobe). Me? I like tech and change so I went paperless a long time ago. As a student, going paperless really improved my studies but that's a post for another day.

Benefits of going paperless

- The notes you make are / can be automatically backed up and accessible anywhere from any device
- Theoretically you'll never run out of virtual note space (unlike buying notepads)
- Annotating can be easier as websites and on line books are more accessible - also the notes you take won't damage a physical copy
- It minimises the amount of stuff you have to carry around
- It makes group work a lot easier (sending notes / documents)

Cons of going paperless

- Staring at a screen will kill your eyes
- If your device runs out of battery you're screwed
- Sometimes you just want to write on a piece of paper
- Hackers can really screw up your day
- No connection to the Internet means you cannot access your notes unless they're offline
- Some paperless services require payment
- Reading on a screen is considered more difficult then reading a book

What are some examples of paperless apps?

-Mobile banking

There's nothing wrong with not going paperless.
There are people claiming it will save the trees but let's be real guys; you'll be charging your devices more often therefore burning electricity - fossil fuels - global warming. It's a moo statement.

What's the point in this post?

I want you guys to know it's not easy but it's very achievable if you want it to be.
Try it and if it doesn't work change back, what have you got to lose? You'll look like the hip young techy when you do it.

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