I'm a guy and it's great, here's why.

It seems a bit gruesome to start this off by talking about urination but lets face it, when you're a guy it's practically effortless. 
'Bladder's empty? I'll just go anyway - not like there's going to be a queue for the toilet' :p 
Also, we can 'go' anywhere...

Pockets galore! I for one appreciate the fuck out of having pockets, a little too much sometimes. 
I tend to bulk them out with my wallet, keys and phone but hey - functional.

Clothes are an easy shop too. Generally speaking you're either a small, medium or large. Sorted! I don't know about you guys but I don't even try clothes on in the store. 
I'm in and out like a flash (but not at other things ;) )

Shoes are as comfy AF!
Granted we occasionally get cut up *cough* Vans *cough*
but other then that it's pretty accepted that guys will be wearing trainers.
Want to feel a bit smarter? I'll just slip into these smart shoes, add a few inches to my height, why not? 

Thanks for reading,

Mario El