I know in my past post I was rather negative about being short but to be honest, there are some perks to it.

You're always guaranteed to be in pictures. I know the 'all the short people in the front' rule was intended for the girls to be in the picture but hey, fuck it. May as well join in.

Have you tried playing hide and seek whilst being ridiculously tall? Well I haven't (obviously) but I imagine the only places to hide are behind a tree or a door. However being fun size means you can fit almost anywhere, cupboard under the sink? Perfect! Storage box? Even better! Oversize bowl? They'll never think to look in there!

Shoe shopping with an average height guy can be difficult. Why? Because with so many 'average' height guys with 'average' sized feet that there are never any shoes left. Stores tend not to run out of munchkin size 7's so shopping is a breeze! Unless big kids come in with size 7 feet... 'Perks of being a tall kid'?

People say "I swear those budget airlines are putting more rows on their planes"; It's always the taller ones saying that. So why only them that say that? Because the tree trunks they call legs are getting squished by the person in front. Admittedly I enjoy seeing this happen a little too much, get a sense of height related justice.  

Finally. We have science on our side! Yes, it is scientifically proven that shorter men live longer. Don't believe me? Look at Yoda, he died at age 847!

Thanks for reading,
Mario El

PS - ladies... short guys try harder