Keeping your sanity whist commuting to university

People often questions why I live in London and commute to university in Kent; honestly, with the price of being a student and my job back home, it just makes more financial sense. It would be a lie to that it was an easy transition moving back home and traveling 180 miles a day but I've adapted and here's how.

See how sane I look?

Grüum razor review

As a bald man, having a good razor is essential. I’m always on the hunt for that dream razor so when I saw the Grüum advert on Twitter I got curious. I’ve been thinking of replacing my Gillette razor so Grüum's interesting design and subscription blade service convinced me order it. Here’s what I thought.

A productive week guide - FREE DOWNLOAD

The way I stay productive is by setting myself a mission everyday; that way, even if I have the day off, I have something making me get up and go.

I've created these seemingly random tasks because one, they work really well alliteration wise; and two, it will help you organise yourself and hopefully you mentally.

Living a notification free life

If a week ago you told me I’d be walking around with my phone on silent, I would have laughed in your face; but that’s in fact what I’ve been doing. At work last week my phone was going crazy; tweets, group chats, tinder matches (ha, yeah right) - my desk was vibrating so much that I thought it would trigger an earthquake. So out of pure desperation, I turned my phone on silent.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the
lack of unread messages or emails :)