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Buying a phone from Envirophone - My Experience

If you think back a few years, you'll remember Envirophone as the company that buys your old smart phones. Well now they've evolved into selling second hand smart phones.

Getting a second hand smartphone was never something I considered because I'm kind of a snob like that. However when I saw the advert I was a bit vulnerable as yet another LG G5 I owned had over heated and damaged it's self. You might go as far as saying the advert was a sign! 

Our Big Fat Greek Easter

Easter is a very traditional time of the year for us Greeks; it’s a time for religion, family but most importantly, food. 

Usually Greek easter is the week after English easter so we get 2 easters (yum) but this year, unfortunately, it’s on the same day. The two easters are slightly different, instead of eating chocolate eggs, we crack red eggs. Instead of making lamb with mint jelly, we make Souvla, instead of an easter egg hunt, we just eat chocolate because you won’t dare hide food from a Greek. And last but not least, we make Fluones. The best way to describe them is a savoury sweet bread cake hybrid we make every Easter.

Car care tips to love your car again

This post was written in collaboration with Dat Tyres. I was paid to write this post but it’s one that I’ve wanted to do for a really long time, Dat Tyres just make it possible. All opinions are my own and stories are true.

When it comes to my car I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, any noise and I go all inspector gadget. Admittedly it gets annoying when my friends are all excited for a road trip and I’m making them wait because I’m checking the cars - It does mean that my car is always in a good working order though. I get that not everyone is car savvy but I wanted to write this post sharing a few basic tips on how to check / maintain your car.

This is my boy Ralph, he's well looked after :P

The untold truth about being a twin

I've realised that for a lifestyle and twin blog, there is a serious lack of twin content. I wanted to write this post to not only add more twin content but to explain to what it’s like having a twin.  

For a very set pair of twins, we have a surprisingly little
amount of photos together  

Appreciating the old - Weekly Instagram themes

I always wanted to have an Instagram theme but I've never been able to settle on one; so ever since the start of February I decided to have a new theme every week. I've not only done this to keep my feed new and exciting but also to develop my photography and editing skills. By changing every week I'm forced to look at for new editing styles that I likely wouldn't have tried before, really building on my presets on Lightroom.

This weeks theme is film and was inspired by my grandparents. They were telling me about when they came to England and the work they done to support their (our) family. This theme is about appreciating the old so we can develop in the future.

Why I love Rome

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll notice I've going through a bit of a Rome meltdown this week. I found all my photos from Rome and it made me reminiscent from when I was there a year ago. I fell in love with the city (admittedly not straight away) and wanted to explain why.

The Music Revolution

*This post is sponsored by Panasonic. I have been compensated for this content but all opinions are my own and stories are true

From the minute I get out of bed until the second I get back into it, I’m listening to music. Almost like a drug, music is slowly taking over my life. It’s only when you think about how often and on how many devices you listen to music through that it starts to get concerning. Think about it, how different would everyday tasks be without music?

Why I love London so much

Admittedly, I'm a little bias being a born and bread Londoner, but London is the best city. There's something special when you're there and something you miss when you're not. When I'm, in Kent, I find my self constantly moaning about how much better London is, I actually do this where ever I go...
Here are the reasons why I love London so much!

Goals for 2017

Everyone I know keeps saying 'new year, new me' and setting themselves new years resolutions. I'm not a fan of setting new years resolutions because are doomed to fail. One of my friends said they were going to quit smoking but ended up just reducing it to weekends. I mean fair enough but still - fail. I'm more of a set a goal when you think of one, it just so happened that I thought of the new goals at the beginning of 2017... 

Here are my goals (not resolutions) for 2017!
Staring down the uncertain tunnel which is 2017

What I achieved in 2016

Despite what everyone is eager to remind you of, 2016 wasn't all bad. After seeing all of the 'thank god it's over' tweets (and even sending out one of my own) I thought it would be fun to write about some of my achievements.

Photo taken by Katlast