Grüum razor review

As a bald man, having a good razor is essential. I’m always on the hunt for that dream razor so when I saw the Grüum advert on Twitter I got curious. I’ve been thinking of replacing my Gillette razor so Grüum's interesting design and subscription blade service convinced me order it. Here’s what I thought.

Out of the postage envelope; it comes in this bag which contains the razor, blades and some paperwork

A productive week guide - FREE DOWNLOAD

The way I stay productive is by setting myself a mission everyday; that way, even if I have the day off, I have something making me get up and go.

I've created these seemingly random tasks because one, they work really well alliteration wise; and two, it will help you organise yourself and hopefully you mentally.

A car journey checklist - FREE DOWNLOAD

When you put as many miles on a car as I have, things like checking the oil level become second nature; however for people who don’t often drive long distances, checking your car doesn’t occur as naturally to them.

Living a notification free life

If a week ago you told me I’d be walking around with my phone on silent, I would have laughed in your face; but that’s in fact what I’ve been doing. At work last week my phone was going crazy; tweets, group chats, tinder matches (ha, yeah right) - my desk was vibrating so much that I thought it would trigger an earthquake. So out of pure desperation, I turned my phone on silent.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the
lack of unread messages or emails :)

My dream man cave

Disclaimer - This post was written in collaboration with Badger ales but all opinions are my own.

I don’t mean to stereotype but as a man, wanting a man cave is engraved in my DNA. I was strolling through my inbox and I saw this rugby themed shed from Badger Ale which made me think back to my younger self when my brother and I wanted a man cave. We wanted one so badly that we planned me moving into his room and turning mine into a man cave. Thankfully our parents refused as us sharing a room would have been messy; regardless, I still want a man cave and this post is about how I’d have mine.

Secret Scent Box Service Review

Disclaimer - This service was sent to me for review but all opinions are my own

Secret scent box is a monthly subscription in which every month you're sent 3 mini aftershaves. For me (a man who hasn’t left the house scentless since 2010) this is ideal. The aftershaves are selected and change every month so it's a chance to try something new; also for me to finally stray from my natural scent of 'Huge Boss hugo'.

An introvert’s guide to posing

I recently done my first outfit shoot with my blogging buddie Kat Last and was shocked at how well the photos came out. I was shocked because us introverts are notoriously bad at doing things that draw attention to ourselves like posing. I know that had I been left to my own accord I would have completely screwed it up, so I wanted to write this post to help my fellow introverts.

Tips for your first time at a car event

As cliche as it is, my brother, father and I have been going to car events since we were kids. I’ve started to bring my fiends along and have found myself warning them of certain things that happen at car events which do not happen elsewhere; so I wanted to write this post sharing those tips with you.

- Wear comfy clothes + take removable layers
People are far too busy staring at cars to notice what you’re wearing so if you did want to sneakily slip on those running trainers, no one is going to judge you.
Do plan your outfit ahead of time as car events are usually in the middle of nowhere (as they produce so much noise) meaning you’ll be hit by a lot of wind. This wind has been known to turn even the sunniest days chilly on the willy - so take removable layers like hoodies just incase.
I’d also recommend a comfy pair trainers as these events can get muddy, plus you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

The jump to a summer wardrobe

If you’ve ever met me then you’d know I’m very much a blue jeans and jumper sort of guy; but due to the recent heatwave, I’ve had to change my style quite a bit. Gone are the days of wrapping up, this is the time for legs, chest hair and apparently my bald sunburnt head. 

Being bald in summer

You may have noticed that I recently took a razor to my head. If you follow me on twitter then you'd definitely know as I took the 'if Mario shaved his head but didn't tweet about it, did he really shave his head?' approach. Admittedly, it's a really good summer look as I'm sporting a beard as well, but there are a few lifestyle changes I've had to adopt - especially in this sunny weather.
Look at that beauty of a head!