Tried and Tested #1 - Uni-sex Clear Mascara Review

Welcome to this weeks instalment of Tried and Tested where I test out random products and let you know if they are worth your hard-earned money. This week's post is on Clear Mascara.

Make-up isn't something that would normally catch my interest, however, this Clear Mascara did. During the bank holiday sales, I was compulsively adding everything on Boohoo man to my basket where I saw clear mascara for only £2. The description was a little muddled but some Googling revealed that clear mascara is meant to define your lashes and this specific one conditions them as well. What a product for only £2 right?

I was excited for my Boohoo delivery as I work in sales and if I can shamelessly batter my big long lashes to get a sale, I will. This, however, did not happen. Instead of defining my lashes it clumped them together. It did make them look thicker however that was down to it sticking 3 lashes together. At first, there was a Placebo effect but even that was not enough to hide that this product doesn't do much. There was a bit of lift but I thought of it like scaffolding with the lashes supporting each other up in their clumps. Regarding it being conditioning? How often do we ponder the softness of our eyelashes? If anything, it made them feel a bit rough as there is product on them.

Fast and Furious live Review

Being an avid car guy, my reaction to seeing the Fast live promo was one similar to those children on the ‘we’re going to Disney land’ adverts. My expectations were high as the trailer promised plenty of explosions and drifting but as you find with some films; the trailer and end product were two very different things.

The show had a promising start showcasing cars from each film whilst playing audio snippets in the background. It felt special as I've been invested in this franchise from young; almost like someone had lined up your favourite memories on a foggy stage. After the showcase we were greeted by the host ‘Sophia’. If you ever played a street racing games then she would seem familiar. Although Sophia was not based on any character, she was instantly recognisable as that one (un-named) badass female racer with the sexy clothes and strong personality. As much as I don’t want to give the goodies away this early in the review, she was the best part of the show. She played her character flawlessly and kept the audience engaged through-out.

Voice assistants - Are they actually useful?

It's getting harder and harder for mobile phone manufacturers to stand out with features being added and taken away from new models each year. One feature that is here to stay are voice assistants and me being the curious one that I am, I question; are they actually useful?

For reference I will be discussing the Google assistant as I have a Oneplus 5, Moto 360 2 and Google Home mini; but let’s be honest, all voice assistants function the same so you can use this post as an umbrella covering them all.

To start my journey I had to get over the first hurdle of feeling comfortable shouting a command at an inanimate object rather then doing it myself. I leaped over this hurdle pretty fast, well at least got one foot over it as I felt comfortable enough shouting at my watch at home and in my car, just not in public (I wouldn't want people to know think I'm weird...).

Setapp review - How it's revolutionised my Mac

It's often a struggle to balance applications with their monthly subscription costs. I often encounter this dilemma because I am a student who works on a lot of projects outside of university. I've tried skimming back on subscriptions but that left me feeling like I no longer had the tools to finish the job. But, after finding Setapp, this is no longer a problem as it gives me the applications I need at a fraction of the price. Setapp provides a library applications, and these are not diluted versions of the (for example) £50 'pro' version; they are the full, powerful, apps. The apps are on the Mac app store but by using Setapp, it eliminated the need to buy them individually.

I wanted to cancel my Adobe creative cloud subscription because I didn't use it enough to justify the price. The only thing that stopped me was not being able to find a reliable alternative. After installing Setapp, I found a great photo editing app called Polarr which could replace lightroom. Even though this was not my intention when installing Setapp, I was finally able to cancel my Adobe subscription. This is what I love about Setapp, it has an app for everything. It's not just for creatives neither. Aside from helping with my university studies, there are apps for managing your finances, coding, staying focused and many more.
I can't believe I am about to quote Apple but if Setapp had a Slogan, I'm sure it would be -
'There's an app for that'.

Grüum razor review

As a bald man, having a good razor is essential. I’m always on the hunt for that dream razor so when I saw the Grüum advert on Twitter I got curious. I’ve been thinking of replacing my Gillette razor so Grüum's interesting design and subscription blade service convinced me order it. Here’s what I thought.